Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Waiting For Christmas... Gift Ideas For Furries Too!

As the holidays rush toward us...I'm busy thinking about all the bits and pieces of things I want to get done on my list because to me - it's fun to do little bits and pieces! I'm home recovering from knee surgery, doing better than I ever anticipated - and I plan to use this time well!
First Project: Furry Buddies
  • I pick up cookie tins throughout the year at yard sales
  • I look for pretty glass containers, lidded jars, canning jars, wine glasses
  • pretty scraps of fabric, rope, ribbon
  • bells, ornaments, glitz, costume jewelry
Next... Dog Biscuits
I pick up dog biscuits at Walmart in several shapes and sizes - large bags. Then I separate them into appropriate size for my friends critters, place them in cool containers, decorate them, label them and they are ready for Santa giving. For petite dogs I have found teeny biscuits that look just like MilkBones that are adorable at Farm and Home Tractor Supply.

They look great wrapped in a little cellophane gift bag tied with a bow and a jingle bell given in a Christmas mug, a wine or champagne glass! You can also put them in a lidded canning jar with a pretty piece of fabric on the top of the lid. If you make bigger jars.... Pier I has Asian white ceramic soup spoons that make dynamite scoops to tie on the jars. They are .75 each!

Like the ideas so far?
That's why I do believe in thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, friend swaps, saving 1 glass out of broken sets. You can even use 1 pretty dessert plate with a cloth napkin that has a holiday look - that's why I haunt the CLEARANCE aisles of ROSS, Marshall's, TJ Max, Home Goods.
Here you mug - NEW .50  Home Goods

Champagne Glass  Goodwill .10 each bought 6  Great for a mini dog biscuit gift for a neighbor or going to a friend's Christmas party. Everybody should celebrate!
Line a basket with a cloth napkin, tissue paper - I pick them up at yard sales all the time! Big bow and you're good to give! Dog toy attached - even better!
Anyone need a new dog bowl?
Make a delivery to your local pet shelter... they can use every donation avalable!

So all your friends are waiting for your
thrifty, exciting, brilliant, creative, yummy,
crunchy ideas!
So be a star when you give holiday gifts and remember....
it's not how big, how's the thought.

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