Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Have Yourself A Merry Everything! Part two.... There for each other

It's been a busy time for me...but then isn't that the way this season is?
And it's over in what seems like a minute! All the preparation, wrapping, shopping,
cards, visits, lists, shipping, baking, cooking - POOF!
Big trash bags of garbage ready to go out filled with balled up wrapping paper and loads of tissue paper. Stacks of washed dishes for meals that were made with love and memory filled. Coffee ready, pies laid out on the table, kids playing with their new toys.
My family holiday is a little different but different can be totally cool too!
My son Matt and his girlfriend Connie are on vacation in Thailand . They've taught kindergarten in a private school in Korea for two years and are finally coming home in Feb.. My older son Todd and his wife Ravy live in Annapolis. Her parents, from Cambodia, just moved here too. My parents are in Florida. Cousins at the Jersey shore.
Here is a photo list of our little family holiday...
the National Christmas tree in Washing D.C.
Annapolis Holiday Lights on the Bay
downtown Annapolis stores decked out
home-made stromboli for Christmas eve
smoked salmon and trout 
caught and wood smoke by a friend  
Spinach and cheese stuffed pork loin 
my son Todd made potato pancakes 
Ravy's fav Black Forest Chocolate Torte
So we have a small, scattered family, 
but boy can we cook!
Oh, Come All Ye Faithful!
Happy Holidays!
update....ready to drive home from my son's in Annapolis
have eaten Cambodian food, snacks, cookies, pistachios, a roast,
cakes, cereal, treats, slept, napped, watched videos and shows,
visited and called friends and family
a chill and overindulgent holiday
best kind
get a call from my son that his mother in law's been in a car accident
I'm home with her father in law who doesn't speak English...
we meet everyone in the ER -
minor injuries thank God -
lots of translating, green cards, passports...
I'm staying over again....
a must have for post stress relief....
Yummo = stress relievers
Todd and Ravy worked...we're distressed

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