Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
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Monday, June 7, 2010

I Say A Little Prayer .... Self- Esteem and High School Girls Hopes & Dreams

Hmmm, as the school year ends and my high school girls have started to say their "good-bye's" to "Miss Jennifer" because they are either graduating, summer break will begin or they are going on maternity leave - I'm troubled by the word self esteem. I had 17 young moms this year in my school. 
 Each story is different, and yet similar.

They want someone to love. They want to be liked. I remember my high school years. My friends and I still talk about those days and how we didn't quite know what to do with ourselves. We graduated in 1971. There wasn't a family focus on anything but getting married and having a family. So 6 of us did - at 18. And we're all ok with that, love our kids, some are still married. We just didn't know enough about ourselves to realize we had options and opportunities. Travel, education, personal growth. We had to learn that on our own over the course of our lives, which is not that unusual - but it would have been so enlightening to go to college, see the world, see another state, think about what our choices could be.

the big picture
so, self-esteem - now, I work with young girls -
who fall for guys - have this Pretty Woman "rescue me mentality"

and we spend the school year planning how they will get their credits
to graduate, or pass, arrange child care, car seats,
I have classes on "Shaken Baby Syndrome", "Abusive Relationships", "Nuturing Touch".
Romeo has another Baby Mama already.

my wish, my prayer, my message - "girls, love who you are."
"cherish your time" "follow your dreams" "trust in the Lord"
you are incredible!  build your own castles!
moms, dads, teachers - please tell your girls you believe in them
if you teach - is there a girl you can mentor?
I'm not really sure why I began this post, perhaps it was seeing my colorful bulletin board next to my computer today. Glancing at all the graduate's photos and realizing they received their diplomas today and I've spent 4 years with them. Next to their photos are new babies born this year. Several of my girls have 2 children.
what will their lives be like - will they see opportunities? see possibilities?
let's say a little prayer

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