Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

White Wednesday ...walking through words or pictures - it's up to you...

white wednesday....say it - describe it - invision it

serene [sɪˈriːn]
1. peaceful or tranquil; calm
2. clear or bright a serene sky
3. (often capital) honoured: used as part of certain royal titles His Serene Highness
[from Latin serēnus]
serenely adv
sereneness n

sub·tle [ sútt'l ]
1. slight: slight and not obvious
2. pleasantly understated: pleasantly delicate and understated
3. able to make refined judgments: intelligent, experienced, or sensitive enough to make refined judgments and distinctions4. ingenious: cleverly indirect and ingenious
soft [ sawft, soft ]
adjective (comparative soft·er, superlative soft·est)
1. malleable: easily shaped, bent, or cut
2. yielding: giving way to externally applied pressure or weight
a soft cushion
3. smooth-textured: having a texture that is smooth to the touch
soft fur
4. with smooth outline: having no sharp or jagged edges
furniture designed with soft lines
5. quiet-sounding: quiet and soothing in sound
6. easy on eyes: lacking glare or intensity of light or color

sleek [ sleek ]
adjective (comparative sleeker, superlative sleekest)
1. smooth and shiny: attractively smooth and shiny
2. well-groomed: well-groomed and healthy looking
3. suave: smooth and polished in behavior or speech, often insincerely or suspiciously so
a sleek sales pitch

sub·lime [ se blim ]
adjective (comparative sub·lim·er, superlative sub·lim·est)
1. beautiful: so awe-inspiringly beautiful as to seem almost heavenly
the composer at his most sublime
2. morally worthy: of the highest moral or spiritual value
3. complete: complete or utter in sublime ignorance
4. excellent: excellent or particularly impressive ( informal )
ssshhhhh.....let it be so soft, subtle, savy, sublime, sexy, savory, sweet
                                                                                          special day. Jennifer

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