Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Teacher My Friend - As The School Year Closes... A Special Thanks

The following poem written by Samantha Abeel,
a thirteen-year-old girl with severe learning disabilities.
Writing became a way for her to share her feelings and to shine with her gift for words.

To a Special Teacher
by Samantha Abeel

When the sun rose
from under its misty veil,
you were there to watch,
like the birds over the sea.
When the wind came quietly
and rested in your ear,
you listened, as the earth would at dawn.

When the rain fell,
you reached out with your hands
and let it wash everything away,
like waves as they grasp the shore.
When the plain brown seed was planted,
you could already smell the fragrance of
the flower that was to come,
and you were proud
as a good gardener should be.
Thank you for believing
that there was a flower waiting inside
and for taking the timeto help and watch it grow.
When the sun rose
from under its misty veil,
you were there to watch,
and I am thankful.
my teacher my friend
From: Abeel, Samantha. 2001. Reach for the Moon. New York: Orchard.

As my school year comes to a close,  I see my seniors graduate....I look on with pride at how far they have come and what journeys lie ahead. I have also had the pleasure of experiencing relationships that have formed between teachers and students. Mentoring, friendships, enthusiasm, encouragement, stability. I am honored by the care and life skills they give. As for our Special Needs students - their gift has been to ME! Their love, endless smiles, helpfulness, school spirit, team spirit and care of others.  So this post is for teachers, care givers, educators - we all have something to learn don't we?  With Love, Jennifer

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