Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saying "Good-bye"....

Saying "good-bye".... I needed a few days to think about this post because I wanted to express the joy of loving a pet and a furry friend less than the loss. So I've been thinking about the early days when we first brought our Chesapeake Bay Retrievers "Annie" and "Spice" home. First of all, we had no intention of having more than 1 dog in a little Cape Cod style home. Things happen. But off we went to a breeder across the Bay Bridge of Maryland to see a litter of new Chessies.
My husband and I sat on the floor in a fenced in porch among a litter of furry, curly brown pups and chose "Annie".  Several weeks later we make the trek back to bring her home.

 all settled...
6 months later
 I went on an estimate for a friend of mine that had a cleaning business and was on maternity leave...
I noticed they had a Chessie like "Annie"
 and I commented that we had one too.
The owner said "Do you want another one?"
My quick reply was "no thanks" with a grin.
To which he said "we have her sister and too many animals for our neighborhood covenant. let me go get her."
He brought up a 6 month old dog they had been tying in their basement 
with a cord from a telephone. Her hind leg had raw, red, infected lines where it had grown into her skin and had been removed.
They had never taken her to the vet and were treating it with a horse liniment.
"Spice" came home with me that day.
"Annie" and "Spice" became sisters of the heart.
They ignored other dogs and cats that arrived.
Shared goodies...

We lost "Annie" to Cancer a few years ago. "Spice" has been plodding 
along doing pretty well for a girl of 16. An old gal.
Early this week she had a stroke and we had to make a decision to "say good-bye" and we did. 
Very sad and we miss her so. But knowing her and "Annie" - pure joy.
They give their love with such enthusiasm. 
Such a Life lesson.
She's wearing her signature red collar. "Annie's" is purple.
 Her tennis balls. Next to her sister.

My friend Sherri will
spread wildflower seeds on their graves again in the Spring.

My brown-eyed girls.
Love, Momma 

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