Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Savoring A Day....

On a crisp Autumn day, it's not easy to awake. The air is chilled and the covers so very toasty. We snuggle and want to stay spooned under the cotton covers savoring our warmth. Blankets are on, layer upon layer. It's that time of year.
Mornings are such a treasure. We lay side by side and think about the day. The weather has a chill to it. We'll wear sweaters and scarves and jeans instead of summer clothes. Hot coffee and the scent of cinnamon will fill the kitchen when we finally drag ourselves out of bed. Warm spoonfuls of oatmeal, honey wheat toast with creamy butter. How lucky we are to have this day.
Warm showers are in order after breakfast and we'll decide how to spend our day. There's a smell in the air of leaves,rotting wood, the last lawns to be mowed.

Cozy can be with anyone you love or care about.
Cozy can be alone. It's about a fall or winter morning or night when you just want to cuddle under the covers. It's the appreciation of warmth and comfort. The enjoyment of being near another human being. Or sleeping in and staying up. Reading when you want to with your favorite blanket surrounding you in this protective case of fiber = your cocoon.
it's Mommy love...
it's Grandma's house...

it's "I want to be left alone."
But on that day set aside for you and me - I want to enjoy every cuddle, hear your heart beat, feel you near me. I want to give you my warmth and savor our closeness. Oh, to wake with someone you love ...what will we do my love? 

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