Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pondering The Essence Of Friendship

Today was a day off from both my jobs. A much needed
day of rest. It was a day of wearing a flannel nightgown.
I emailed friends that I hadn't spoken to. Sent out a few "thinking of you cards". Watched "Law and Order". Talked on the phone. 
Looked at old and new photos.
I thought a lot about the relationship of girlfriends ...
a very serious subject and I smiled.
My friend Beth and I grew up in the same home town before kindergarten
and have stayed in touch through the years - we each have 2 kids.
 Many moons ago she moved to Florida. Miles don't matter.
      I see friendships that amaze me. They bring me such joy.
I have younger cousins that are so close they have been like sisters
since birth. They skype, they sleep over, they text...
it is a sight to see. My cousin Linda has always been my sister - we simply mesh, crack each other up
and are as different as night and day in many ways.
 We're first cousins.
She has clued me in to what a strong woman
I am and that the Mondelli woman are survivors.
By listening, laughing, sharing and
most of all being a living example.

Woman have the talent of picking up where they left off.
Be it a move, a busy family life, life crisis, health concerns,
career pulls, divorce  - we're just there for each other aren't we?
There for each other.
And if you're especially blessed, as I have been -
you have a best friend like I do. Pauline and I have been friends since
1st Grade.
We grew up together in NJ. Went through homework sharing, bikinis,
swimming, boys, the Rolling Stones, concerts,
Cat Stevens, the Hippie era, high school, first cars, first jobs,
first kids, long hair, short hair, car pools, Tupperware,
Pampered Chef, craft business, summer cookouts, back yard sun bathing,
Jersey shore, teenagers, my first husband, parents aging, surgeries,
wine tasting, our children's weddings, my cancer, her move, my move....
You Get It!
So today I was thinking
about girlfriends....
how we can talk to each
other when our day has been bleak
or when we want to share a joyful moment.
I had a terrifc day off because I thought of all the special
times I've shared and witnessed with the
very special women in my world.
hugs and kisses, jenn

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