Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Friday, May 13, 2011

Special Treats and Bountiful Blessings!

this is my computer at 7 am this morning....
I love my job and my students even more.
Grace is a student aide in the high school I work in and helps me endlessly and with great enthusiasm on a daily basis. She also tells everyone she is my daughter and hugs me when I don't expect it but really need it. Grace is a special gift to me. I have many in my life.
That has been how my story has been since I started to write it again on September 26th of 2010. I left a very traumatic marriage and fell into nothing but love from friends and family. The rippling effect has snowballed ever since. GOD is such a loving Lord.
I write this story because of joy, strength and wonder.
Wonder because I didn't have a clear understanding of the people that surrounded me and truly how full my heart could be again.
  • Full Circle - Good Listener - Kind Heart
  • Taking Time For Oneself
  • Fearless
  • The Beauty Within
  • The Grace of God
  • Faithful Friend
  • Heart of The Home
So now I'm treating myself to gifts of healing,love and joy of the spirit. Seeing friends more... working a little less. School will be out on June the 16th. I will continue with my part-time job with with adults with special needs.
I just bought a size smaller jeans
had a pedicure with a pal
shared sushi with a sistah
savor the garden
root for the Yankees
enjoy a few outings with friends
not be afraid, make new friends, keep the old
and hang out during the summer and continue on with my story.... jennifer

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