Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Story of the Battered Butterfly

And her story begins...

There is a bubble that surrounds certain people, isolates them from the rest of the world. It can begin as early as birth.  Do you realize there can be a little one somewhere being
abused and even their family members aren't aware of it? The little girl goes to school each day and no one asks the questions. Wants to know the answers. Reaches out to help. It's all so subtle yet stark.  And she smiles all the time and makes friends - is a great friend.
 Teens experience bullying or striving to stay popular.  It can be so difficult to be a child, a teen. "Are you mad at me?". Who's invited to who's house? And still the young girl keeps vigil in her abusive environment ... reaching out to make more friends, to grow up, to be
free.  Who will love her?
Boys appear on the scene. She tries so hard to please. Her friends are dear. The boys come in droves only to move on to the easier of the flocks. The girl smiles her smiles but holds back her mature inner urges. It can't be love? They won't stay. And she has the duties pulling her home. Will it ever end?
Sadly, the tearing down of her joy and bursts for Life's ebb and flow and she nears the end of high school...she flys. Where - with who...more impossible choices. Her mind thinks - "I am not worthy of more." Still she runs - to love, affection. She needs it all.
 Travel seems the answer to new worlds don't you think? Confidence can be so vital to a young girl that has been told she can be nothing - is nothing. So she continues only to be left and told she's not the one. And there she is and she rushes into more decisions she makes to please others. They must be right if others are happy! Inside... she is burdened and broken. Where is that smiling girl?
Friendships she is blessed with. The mother-love she could never seem to be perfect for disappears into her own world of sadness.  Suddenly one phone call - the blast of her life time.  She struggles on. The creativity of who she is starts to slowly pump, pump, pump. Children are God's great, Great gift to her. She can love them as she never was. Her heart fills.  A friend says "until you learn to love who you are, you won't be able to be happy with your Life ". Can this be true? Who is she?  It's frightening.
The girl, the woman begins to discover herself. She reads, she talks, she studies. There is a new "ok" in her life for the beauty within. There is new found forgiveness for the ups and downs. Forgiveness because it is vital to heal herself. Lifelong friends love her as they always have. Her children tell her of their pride for the woman she is now and for the "Mommy" that raised them. Childhood pain is a lesson to help others ease their pain and feel worthwhile. Always growing. Book pages of Life fly!  Oh, the colors.
Joy arrives. Others tell their stories. Can it be? Are there others? Struggles survived? Women who have grown?  You believe in me? I cherish you. The young woman begins to see that the past has effected her in good ways. She is a loyal friend, she loves with her whole heart, she's nuturing, she has an inner strength.
And OH LORD! When she Smiles! 

This story isn't for everyone. It's a subject that was on my mind and I wanted to write, please accept it or release it as thoughts from cobwebs that were gathering over time. Jennifer

a favorite - Psalms 46:1,2  and the Lord made me a butterfly, Jenn

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