Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i was imagining that i was an author
blogging is such a thing I suppose
but a true author - that wrote a book
perhaps a child's story book, a comedy,
Erma Bombeck style.
people have always said "you should write a book"
they have also said "you are a magnet"
then elaborated to "craziness, weird things, neat people, funny happenings,..." etc.

I don't know if that is a good thing.
I know my life is interesting.
I'm very happy.
I don't get lonely.
I don't get bored.
There's never enough time.

So back to this story line, should it be a care-free little ditty
about my junk/treasure hunting...hmmm not ready yet -
perhaps the crazy times with my girl cousins over our lives - no, too long -
gardening - not gifted enough in that category, organization - yeah right!

so my first little picture tale is...

Real Life - It's Me or The Dog
One weekend Jennifer drove to New Jersey to visit her cousins for their special long weekend getaway. A fun time was had by all and she was happily returning to her Maryland  home and family. Sadly, her husband called with the news that her  9 month old Daschund puppy "Palmer" had been tragically struck and killed by a car. 
Because the drive was 5 hours, tears were held at bay, and thoughts were deep.
Jennifer was certain her husband was very upset and she was anxious to get home.

As she opened the front door, her eyes caught sight of a doe eyed, floppy eared puppy that was NOT her Palmer. Tears flowed, her husband paced - and a new family member had arrived. Autumn. The puppy training also began, AGAIN. Jennifer knew her husband, John, was going to have so much fun with HIS new puppy - day and night.

Months have passed and John and Autumn are sleeping partners, leash partners, recliner pals. They now have an understanding that she WILL run away if given the opportunity. I have been trained to pick up my shoes and bras.

She fits the Ingram's like a glove. Unfortunately, their 14 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, "Spice" has made the adjustment of stepping over a bouncy ball of a hot dog that wants to be her friend and constantly hangs from her collar. Thomas, their tiger cat has become a 3/4% out door cat due to Miss Autumn's persistent love, licks and "I want to play" nips and barks. They no longer have a throw or bathroom rug in the house - cuts down on the laundry.

Yes, Autumn Ingram is Jennifer's husband's girl. She is adorable, more work than any dog Jennifer has ever had in her 56 years on this Earth.  But when Autumn makes a tunnel under the comforter at night and closes her eyes, I'm told Jennifer thinks about that popular show "It's Me Or The Dog" and just doesn't feel ready to contact them yet. Cesar Milan.. Perhaps!
                                                                                        THE END
doo doo dooo doo dooo do do do do

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