Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Citrine, Pear and any other name or fruit! Question/Recipe Trade-off

today is my thinkin' about pears day

i love to cook with them

decorate with them         eat them     give them as gifts    

i like their colors    citrine 

then there's how to pronounce them in other languages:

German       birne            Swedish       paron               Italian            pero
Dutch            peer               French          poire
I could eat pots of pears!
I'm including a recipe for you with one favor -
that my followers critique my posts - you see I don't
get very many comments and I'm wondering if I should choose
deeper subjects, less photos, more about me, less about me,
more humor, vintage and antique articles, gardening...
do I blab too much, post too much or should I do what I enjoy -
 which I have been doing as a fun outlet...
I think feedback will be fun... here's your fab recipe!
Pancetta Pear Recipe
12 thin slices pancetta (about 1/3 lb.)
1 Bartlett pear
1/2 (4-oz.) package goat cheese, crumbled
Freshly cracked pepper
Garnish: fresh thyme sprigs
1. Arrange pancetta slices in a single layer on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet.
2. Bake at 450° for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden.
Transfer to a paper towel-lined wire rack using a spatula. Let stand 10 minutes or until crisp.
3. Core pear with an apple corer. Cut pear crosswise into 12 thin rings.
Arrange on a serving platter. Top evenly with pancetta and goat cheese; sprinkle with pepper.
 Drizzle with honey just before serving. Garnish, if desired.
Prep: 15 min., Bake: 10 min., Stand: 10 min.
Southern Living
Yield: Makes 6 servings

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