Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Rainy Monday...Won't You Join Me for Tea?

my weekend was perfect!
i caught up on laundry
talked to friends
met friends on Friday night to chill for a bit
slept in on Sat.

stayed home Sat. & Sun.
made 16 Easter cards for The Pink Poet
made my yogurt cup Easter Basket for my swap partner
made my Easter Egg for another swap partner

went to bed early, watched some good movies
worked on Spring craft items for a store delivery on Monday to Klaradal
played with my pups - old and young... they always need lovin'

so I'm back to work in a
busy High School Health room
but I wanted to say "good monring"
"thank you for your sweet comments and prayers
last week, you're all amazing and inspiring!"

won't you peek in and have a cup of you're favorite tea with me
or two?    Jennifer

Irish Breakfast
A very rich tasting tea is usually a blend of Assam and Ceylon black tea varieties. It brews a dark-reddish cup and gives off a medium aroma. It has a brisk malty taste with slightly bitter undertones.

English Breakfast
Worth the brewing! English Breakfast is a strong smoky beverage that will definitely wake your taste buds up! Made from Keenum Chinese black tea, this tea has a bite.
Perfect for folks who want a breakfast tea.

Earl Grey Tea
Named after the early 19th century Prime Minister, Charles Grey. This tea is infused with the oil of the bergamot orange. It produces a cup of tea with a bitter-citrus yet sweet taste that is enjoyed in both England and America. In fact, Earl Grey is one of the most common types of tea in both countries!

Sencha Green Tea
A famous Japanese variety of green tea. The leaves, although small, steep a full flavored brew. The taste is a somewhat vegetal in flavor. To newcomers this may sound like a turn-off, but for seasoned green tea drinkers it is a real treat.
Dragon Well Green Tea
This is another famous green tea, grown in China. Referred to as the Chinese version of Sencha. The broad flat leaves make a great tasting cup that is less grassy than Sencha. There is also a more medium-bodied flavor that is perfect for folks introducing themselves to green tea.

Silver Needle White Tea
This is one of my favorite types of white tea. This tea is perhaps the purest and most powerful of ALL types of tea. It's sweet, subtle and perfect for everyday!
The leaves are plucked before they open and have fuzzy silver-like hairs covering them which give them a whitish-silvery appearance.

Wu-yi Oolong Tea
"Wu-yi" oolong is becoming quite a popular variety as of late. Grown in the rocky Wuyi mountains of China. This tea has large leaves that make a fruity, nutty, and rich tasting cup. A perfect tea for newcomers who want to try the oolong type of tea. This tea is also known to help folks loss weight naturally and effectively! Provided they include proper exercise and healthy eating habits!

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