Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fingerprints Friday - Gallery of My Card Designs

I've had a card design business for several years. The name of my business is The Three Graces. I began designing cards for friends and a few said "you should make these and sell them" - SO I DID.
I have a wide variety of styles and colors - humorous, botanicals, birds, nests, children, dog breeds and special requests.

They are one of a kind but I can make similar styles. Custom orders are possible if a customer would like a particular photo and they email it to me. My cards are blank inside, packaged with an envelope in a clear sealed sleeve.
Cost: $3.00 each + shipping
nature and time   sold
faithful friends   sold
couragous survivor  sold
my cup of tea  sold

I'd love to hear your comments, ideas, insight...
cardmaking is very relaxing for me - it enanbles me to spend hours being creative, using humor, art, quotes, color. I sell my cards in local antique & gift shops, an art and framing gallery, to private customers. How is God a fingerprint in my life with this business? -  What pleasure it brings to create but even more so when I hear someone chuckle at a funny quote or say"someone gave me one of your cards and I loved it!" - to make others happy. HE makes that possible.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  Jennifer
happy friday & God bless
 My cards will be available for purchase. Payment will be through PayPal! Please check back and I will have new designs and information. Jennifer * If you have any questions...please feel free to leave a comment, I love hearing from you!

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