Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Story of My Life!

wedding plan blues
Best laid plans! That's me! My son's wedding is this Saturday. Yup, I was way ahead of the game. Organized to a T capital T. Purchased my 2 dresses 2 months ago. Two dresses? Yes, 1 for the morning Tea Ceremony (This is an American - Cambodian Wedding) 1 for the church wedding and reception). Put on my dresses for a second look see on Saturday . TOO BIG! That would normally be good news - NOT right before the wedding! NOT with a family dinner to prepare for on Thursday evening, a rehearsal dinner on Friday, the tea ceremony at 9 am with a brunch to follow, the church wedding at 2 and a reception to follow at 6. 120 guests from NJ, California, Canada, Florida, Australia and Cambodia. Oh, and my younger son and his girlfriend depart the next day for a year in Seoul, Korea where they will be teaching English to kindergartners in a private school.
Well, here's the drill - God is Good. I shopped 'til I dropped yesterday and found two dresses, jewelry for one outfit -
What I need to do today:
  1. work until 3
  2. pearl earrings
  3. pearl bracelet
  4. pearl necklace
  5. silver shoes
  6. drink H2O
  7. say a prayer of thanks
  8. silver bag
  9. hose
  10. black bra
  11. breathe
  12. slip
  13. pick up dry cleaning
  14. chiropractor (tense neck)
  15. relax
  16. drink H2O
  17. make hubby dinner
  18. remember this is all going to be ok
  19. shower
  20. close my eyes and try to get rid of the dark circles

Thank goodness I tried on the dresses this Saturday!

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