Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Autumn- Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with Me.

Well, here she is!

Puppy pads!

Crate Training!

Sticky kisses!

Energy plus!

Wagging tail!

Endless love!

Miss Autumn

While I was driving home from NJ heartbroken after the loss of our pup Palmer, my husband was on his way to Shrewsberry, PA to adopt this 14 week old dapple Daschund.

I miss my boy, every day. Those of you who have pets know it takes a long time for that to pass and then you are able to smile when you remember the snuggles, kisses, the leaps and bounds.

But she's cuddling with me when I'm sad and my husband doesn't feel as lost and she has a family.

I think Palmer would like that.

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