Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Haven't Felt Like Dancing Until Now.....But Here's An Update and a Backdate!

i'm back from my sick bed)'s been 7 days of croup, hack, bark, cough, sniffle sneeze and blow. for some reason i come down with this every year between december and january. thankfully, i made it through the holidays and they were indeed don't think working in a health room every day could contribute to my germ level do you? perhaps working at night with groups of developmentally challenged adults? i try not to think of bathroom door knobs or shopping cart handles. 
How many times can you apply that goopy stuff to stay "germ free"? 
so i eat healthy, breathe(you have to do that),take care of my asthma, hug with the sheer pleasure of it. i'm not very good on rest and exercise...hmmmm
and i really can't dance
but I can hustle, shake my groove thang,
do the electic slide, twist and us a darn hoola hoop!
(Patti LaBelle, The Bee Gees, Dionne, Petula Clark, The Beatles, Donovan, Judy Collins)
(The Four Tops, Cat Stevens, Three Dog Night, Cream, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin)

on to the subject of dance, my first memory of dance was being toted to this huge old stately house on a corner owned by a woman named Mrs.Lawlor. it seemed i had 'flat feet' and ballet was advised by family doctor as a cure. so were orthopedic shoes..these look good but mine were sierra brown and the only girls that wore saddle shoes in my area went to private school... errgggh.

the lessons were in her basement - it was clear i was never going to be a star or tall or sleek.
 Mrs. Lawylor made that clear - often. i 
made it through, had my recital.
i believe in making ourselves feel like stars
my parents were never ones to attend teacher conferences, school plays or recitals the family decision was to stick with the orthopedic shoes only. every day i'd leave the house(my mom was not a morning person),
walk to the bus stop, put them in my bag
and change into my was years of battling until one day i found my something that was cool enough to wear with my my long hair, head band, peace symbol necklace and long India print empire waist dress.

 ..Earth Shoes! my dad was very pissed and rolled my teenage years! 
so i'm feeling better - wasn't a success with ballet -

really do like to dance if you put on the right tunes and let it go - sometimes i just put on music i like and dance in my living room in a night shirt, sometimes with a friend. you won't see me on "Dancing With The Stars" but you will see me with joy in my how about a little Aretha Franklin! Jennifer

Activity: Calories burned

Dancing - fast ballroom 189
Loading/Unloading a car 54
Reading 36
Hairstyling 45
Dancing - fast ballroom 189
Sex - foreplay 25
Sleeping 32
Driving 72
Sitting /Resting 36
Ironing 77
Writing 36
Garden 184
Putting away Groceries 45
Showering 72
Mopping 77
Cooking 90
Sex - intercourse 72
Shopping 81
Housework 99
Dancing - ballroom slow 103
Lifting weights - general 117
Washing car 153
Jumping jacks - moderate 153
Rope jumping 171
Total Calories Burned 2,018 ( this is for a 150 lb. woman in 15 to 30 minute time increments)

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