Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Belated Easter Wishes and Many Thanks to My Swap Partners!

I blinked my eyes and Easter was over, swaps were exchanged and my posts were way behind!

i packed up,

closed up,

& headed up....

to new jersey

for spring break

my family lives in south jersey
by the beach and north jersey
in a quaint "mayberry type" town
called "branchville" then there's
it was quite the combo and i love it all

beach houses

talks about italy
food, wine, food

a trip to a local hot dog joint for
"hot dogs all the way" = chili dogs

everyone gathering for easter - munching, knoshing, cooking, relaxing and laughing

spring everywhere you looked
family, kids, food, laughter hugs
joy, oh joy
warm weather! mmm
into the city
 dinner at famous "Sylvia's"
                                        healing                       delightful

                                                  New York City

                         a fun time was had by all!

Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Tussie Mussies Oh My! To my swap  are divine - your creative touches - works of art, romance, sweetness, variety, sparkle, personality, glitz! I'm in love! Thank you now!
I will thank you all as soon as I get back on track! Jennifer
this bird has found her way home again

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