Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tussie Mussies - The Language of Flowers

Every sprig and blossom in each little nosegay conveys a “meaning” in the old-time language of flowers.

“Tussie-mussie” is a quaint, endearing term from the early 1400s for small, round bouquets of herbs and flowers with ­symbolic meanings. The word coaxes smiles from audiences I ­address around the country, and many people are delighted to discover this archaic custom. What application can tussie-mussies possibly have in today’s world, where women and men carrying briefcases and cellular phones have neither free hands to carry a tussie-mussie nor spare minutes to invest in antiquated customs?
                                                    article from an issue of The Herb Companion

Basil -- Best wishes

Daffodil -- Regard

Daisy -- Innocence, new-born, "I share your sentiment"

Fennel -- Flattery

Fern -- Sincerity

Forget-Me-Not -- True love

Honeysuckle -- Bonds of love

Heather – Admiration

Jasmine -- Grace

Jonquil -- "I hope for return of affection"

Lavender -- Luck, devotion

Oregano -- Joy

Pansy -- Loving thoughts

Periwinkle -- Happy memory

Phlox – Agreement

Rose, cabbage -- Ambassador of love

Rose, red -- Love

Rose, pink -- Grace, beauty

Rose, yellow -- Friendship

Rosemary -- Remembrance, constancy

Sage -- Gratitude, domestic virtue

Tulip, red -- Reclamation of love

Violet -- Loyalty, modesty, humility

Violet, blue -- Faithfulness

paper, glitter, cardboard, cutouts, flowers, bees, birds, stars, initials, crystals, made by you, made for you, made by me...... Flowers are fun for everyone!

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