Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving on - graduates

I am saying "good-bye" and "good luck" to students I have known for the last 3 years in the high school I work in. Proud to sign year books. Thrilled to hear what their college plans are. Working in the Health Room setting I have shared complaints of tummy aches, cramps, can't wait for the weekend, hate that it's Monday, my teacher is mean, I think I'm pregnant, my father drinks, my boyfriend hits me, I have a pimple, can I have Vaseline for my tattoo, fever, twisted ankles, sprained knees. I love my students.....well, some wear thin. And I do remind them that they don't get a class credit for the Health Room. So I'm wishing them well, proud as can be, planning to enjoy my summer off. August comes like a heart beat! New faces, new complaints and new kids to love.

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