Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage

Scattered Thoughts From A Maryland Cottage
The Yin and Yang of Thankfulness

Monday, April 6, 2009

To foster or not to foster - Yes I gave my Heart.

We had our sweetie foster dog for 8 months and it flew
by - Taco - 8 years old - "temporary" - just until a family of
of 7 got back on their feet and found a new apartment.
We gave him a flea bath, we cleaned his ears, we bought him
a collar - this is not good - he's under the cover in bed every
night - we buy him a fleece coat - he's stylin' - everyone loves
him - my grown sons, our 13 year old dog, the ladies at the
bank. The phone never rings. He's our baby now (he's gray,
grizzled and 8 years old). "My dog". Then the call comes ....
he's going home. I plan to be out, I get cranky. The day arrives.
No call, they don't show. Spirits soar! A week passes.
Taco went back to his family yesterday. We did a good thing -
When he left he ran out the door to an 8 year old girl with a leash
waiting. I found out she cried the entire week he left. You see he
was a birthday gift for her 1st birthday. He followed her to the car
with his butt and tail wagging. He never looked back
- which is just the way it should be. A little girl and her doggie
in love. Happy ending. I feel good.

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